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How to Get Your Kid Ready for Baseball Season While It's Still Cold

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Right after learning to tie my shoes, not pee my pants, and feed myself, I'm pretty sure that my father, Teddy, taught me how to throw a baseball.

I absolutely loved playing as much as a I could.

Except from October through April in NYC where I'm's cold as balls.

Well, regardless of the weather, we all want to see the little athletes we love and care for have success because we know of all the positive effects success in team sports can have on youth development.

So rather than little Jimmy or Becca running out into the infield in a few short weeks and looking like they've lost their car in a parking lot, it's always fun to use the winter months to help your athlete get ready for the first few innings of spring baseball.

Here are some easy ways to make sure your little slugger is ready for t-ball, softball, or baseball, which is right around the corner here in Texas, without having to trek down to the park in the cold with a sick kid.

Toss them ground balls indoors.

It can be as simple as the most basic level of the drills you see here. Feel free to use a tennis ball for this... with or without a baseball glove works well either way.

Or make it more complicated by using a ball like this.

Play some catcher.

The median size of active listings here in Manor, TX is just under 2,000 sqft (1,981 sqft). The distance from the pitcher's mound to the home plate until you're 13 years old is only 60 ft.

Somewhere in that 2,000 ft you can find 60 of them in a straight line.

Grab one of those buckets like this from Home Depot, turn it upside down and take a seat.

Since you're probably a little hesitant to sit there in the way of little Tommy's line of fire or Sandra's underhanded laser throws, here's some advice:

The throws to the side are harmless; it's the ones ricocheting off the wall above you and careening off the floor in front of you that you'll have to pay the most attention to.

Your favorite little pitcher will thank you for it in a few years.

If your knees really can't pull that off, try this little strike zone you can hang on that net you're about to buy for hitting.

Let them hit off a tee in the spare bedroom/garage.

The average batting area for a hitter is only 72 sqft. Take a look for yourself.

Now you don't have to run and spend $250 bucks here either. Or let your 8 year old knock real baseballs or softballs with an aluminum bat through your kitchen.

Just grab yourself 4 things:

1. A batting tee

2. A net to hit the balls into

3. Some practice baseballs

4. Good ol' wiffeball bat

If little Amy can hit these bad boys in January, she'll be showing all the other boys and girls in the local league who's boss come April.

Challenge their reactionary skills.

Try a drill like this - it's great for skill development & some immediate bonding.

Finally, make sure you don't miss signups.

Not many people know exactly where baseball stands with the Manor Youth Association or the Greater East Austin Youth Association.

Per my sources with the Manor Falcons, tryouts for this upcoming season have no planned date.

If you're really adamant about little league baseball and you've got a Pflugerville home address, you can play in the Pflugerville Little League...

Stay on top of these sites over the next few weeks...

and lastly...

If you're thinking, "Wow, I'm going to need a bigger/different house for all this", that's OK too.

Here's every house available in Manor larger than 1,700 sqft.

and every new for sale listing in over the last 2 weeks in Pflugerville.

Go get em Coach!

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