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Making Your Home Stand Out This Summer

The weather is heating up, the kids are out of school, the pool is packed - summer has officially begun. That means one other important thing - home selling season is upon us!

With the kids home from school and vacation time accumulated, both buyers and sellers are ready to enter the market, as it too heats up. In such a hot market, you may wonder how to make sure your home stands out among all the others trying to sell during the summer months. Here are a few tips to make sure you can catch the eye of potential buyers during busy season!

Stage Your Home and Declutter

Decluttering and cleaning is always the first step on the list when you are preparing to list your home, but often we don't take the clutter 'removal' part as seriously. And those oversized, 12-seater, leather sectional couches are JUST so comfy, but they don't create the best illusion of space in the living area for potential buyers. Instead of just moving clutter from a room to a closet, completely remove the clutter from your home AND, most importantly invest in a trusted home stager.

We suggest local to Manor, Hevenle Home Staging and Design run by The Hustle Woman, Ruth Zimoara. With minimal upfront time and monetary investment, you will elevate the look of your home several thousands of dollars in the eyes of a buyer. Staging and decluttering will allow potential buyers to picture themselves in every part of your home, including your closets and garages.

Tour Other For-Sale Homes

Check out open houses for homes similar to yours that are also on the market. As you are preparing to list, use these tours to see what decor and design-types are attractive to you and potential buyers. If there are things you notice that you do not like, be sure to remove those features from your own home if you have them. Sometimes stepping out of the box (or in this case, your own home) will allow you to look at your home through the lens of a potential buyer.

Complete Your Home Inspection Up Front

The home inspection can be a dreaded part of the closing process. Instead of waiting for a buyer, complete your home inspection ahead of time. The goal is to set your home apart from the others on the market, and an easy way to do so is letting those potential buyers know that your home is not just for sale, but it is already inspected. If you repair any issues found by the inspector, you'll be one step ahead and gives potential buyers peace of mind.

Create Great Curb Appeal

With spring quickly transitioning to summer, your yard may need a little love. Spring rains and warmth might've left your lawn a little overgrown. Take the time to remove weeds, mow your lawn, and add new plant life around the outside of your home. The outside will be the first thing potential buyers see, and you want them to be drawn in by your yard, not turned away by it.

Hire The Right Real Estate Team

Meet John & Lindsay Bonacci With over 10 years in real estate, this duo specializes in getting the job done! With Lindsay (Platinum Top 500 agent) leading the buyer team to ensure Bonalife Homes is delivering outstanding service to buyer clients, and John (former Real Estate Business Coach) specializing in marketing homes to their highest level, you are in great hands.

Come see why so many families CHOOSE US to get their real estate results. Connect with us at or drop us a note at

We look forward to getting you the results you're looking for!


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