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Overwhelmed by the Idea of Homebuying? Read THIS

First time home buying can be an intimidating process to say the least! Not only are you

taking out a mortgage, but you have to first deal with lenders, title companies, inspectors,

and appraisers. Not to mention you must do all of this on top of your day to day


I often meet clients who are feeling overwhelmed by the approval process, who fear getting

“ripped off,” and who question the quality of the referrals that they have been given by

other real estate agents.

At Bonalife Homes it is an uncompromised priority that our first-time home buyers have all

of their concerns validated and addressed as soon as possible. What initially sets us apart

from other teams is that we start our agent-client relationship by having an initial buyer

consultation. During this consultation, our clients’ needs are assessed; we provide education

about real estate, our trusted partners, and the current market; and we outline what you

can expect from us and the services we provide. All our clients’ questions are answered, and

we provide a timeline and a plan of action for making their home buying dreams come true.

After our first meeting, our clients walk away with the knowledge and tools necessary to

purchase a home with or without our representation. This is essential, and we support our

clients’ best interests every step of the way.

If you have the ability, we have the experience and the knowledge to make home buying a

reality. With the right agent, this process can be exciting and enjoyable rather than

disheartening and disappointing. At Bonalife Homes, each agent has the ability to provide

you with the reassurance and support you need, regardless of your current stage in the

home buying process.

Don’t be intimated! Connect with us. We would love to connect with you!

Bernaddette Schepperly, Real Estate Buyer Specialist



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